Requesting a wheelchair from Rescued Rollers is an easy 3-step process. First, read the Terms & Conditions in Step One so that you understand how our program works. You must agree to these terms if you wish to request a chair from us. Please note that thanks to the generosity of a private donor, dogs that are in the custody of a County Animal Shelter and awaiting adoption are exempt from these terms. Chairs for these dogs are paid for from our Cerberus Fund.

Step Two is where you will submit the measurements of your dog. It is extremely important that these measurements and your contact information is accurate and complete. These measurements should be taken in a standing position. Having two people makes taking the measurements much easier. One person holds the dog in position, while the other person takes the measurements. If you can not manage this yourself, most vets can take these measurements within just 5 or 10 minutes. Important: Write these measurements down on a piece of paper and file them with your pet’s medical records! You will need these measurements regardless of where you are getting a wheelchair. It’s much easier to write them down and keep a copy than it is to remeasure your pet a second time.

Step Three is a summary of what you can expect after submitting your request.

Step One - Terms & Conditions Step Two - Measurements Step Three - Summary


  1.  We can only ship wheelchairs within the USAWe are not set up to send wheelchairs through customs to other countries, and the shipping cost is prohibitive.
  2.  Our wheelchairs are part of our “Lifetime Loaner” program. You are welcome to use the wheelchair for as long as you need it, but Rescued Rollers retains ownership of the chair. When your loaner is no longer needed, you must return it to us so that we can give another dog the gift of mobility. You are responsible for the cost of shipping it back to us. This typically ranges from $20-$40 depending on your location and the size of the chair.
  3. There is a $70 tax-deductible Program Fee for our Lifetime Loaner program. This fee is not due or payable until we notify you that we have a suitable cart ready to ship to you. The fee covers our cost of cleaning, sanitizing, repairing/refurbishing any missing parts, printing manuals and instructional DVDs, supplying adjustment tools, and packing and shipping the chair to you.
  4. We request that you send us updates once you receive the wheelchair. Pictures or videos, and a few sentences of text are all that we ask. Our donors like to know where their donations go, and these updates are very important to them.
  5. If you are on our waiting list and no longer need a wheelchair (ie: you found one elsewhere), please let us know by sending an email to so that we can keep our waiting list current and help the next dog in need.


On the next page, in Step Two, you will be required to agree to these terms. You must agree to these terms to be added to our waiting list.



Owner/Caretaker/Rescue Contact Information
Have you read, and do you agree to our terms and Conditions? YesNoN/A-Shelter Dog

Your Name
City , State
Phone Email

Pet’s Information

Pet’s Name
Sex Weight lbs
Cause of Immobility
Surgeries? (Date and Type)
Amputee (Which Leg ?)
Total Paralysis? YesNo
How Long?
Able to Move Hind Legs? YesNo
Able to Stand? YesNo
Able to Take Steps?YesNo
Requesting a front, rear, or quad wheelchair? FrontRearQuad
Does your vet recommend/approve the use of a wheelchair? YesNo
Overall Health/Comments

Measurement Graphics

A. Rear Height from top of hips to floor. inches
B. Length of back from shoulders to base of tail. inches
C. Distance - heel of front foot to toes on back foot. inches
D. Girth or circumference around the chest. inches
E. Front height from top of shoulders to floor. inches
F. Width of shoulders straight across. inches
G. Width of hips straight across. inches
H. Height groin to the floor. inches

You may also upload a photo of your pet if you wish.

After pressing “Send” to submit your measurements, please go to Step Three – Summary for more information.



Thank you for submitting a wheelchair request. The time frame for you to receive a wheelchair may vary as we depend on donated chairs, and our inventory is always changing. This could be anywhere from a week to several months, depending on the donated chairs we receive.

Once we have received your request,  we will check our inventory of donated pet wheelchairs to see if we have one that will fit. If we DO have one in stock, we will contact you within 2 business days to verify the details of your submission and to let you know what to expect. If we do not contact you within 2 business days, that means that we do NOT have a wheelchair in stock to fit your pet, and we will add them to our waiting list.

As new wheelchairs are donated to us, we work our way down our waiting list, offering the incoming wheelchairs to the dogs that they will fit, based on the date of submission of the wheelchair request.

We strongly encourage you to continue your search for a wheelchair while you are on our waiting list. We have no way of knowing if or when a wheelchair of the proper size will be donated.

If you locate a wheelchair somewhere else, please just drop us an email or a message on our Facebook page to let us know that you no longer need to be on the waiting list. This allows us to get the wheelchairs to the dogs who still need them in the most timely manner possible. Thank you for your cooperation in this.

If you can purchase your own wheelchair, and just need advice or recommendations, just use our contact form or send us an email to and let us know that you need some advice. We’ll be happy to help you make the proper purchase directly from whichever manufacturer you choose.

Thank you.

John Lizotte
Director, Rescued Rollers

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